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Galician company specialized in the manufacture of artistic and decorative lighting, assemblies and installations of Christmas lights in Spain since 1979. Lighting for parties, lighting for carnivals, shopping centers, companies, hotels, shopping streets and avenues, gastronomic festivals, patron saint festivals, fairs.

Christmas lights on streetlights


Special Christmas lighting to decorate personalized outdoor spaces.

Christmas decoration in the mall


Luminous motifs, Christmas decorations for interior spaces such as shopping centers.

Christmas Lights


Special Christmas decoration for Kings Parades, LED and custom floats.

Electromiño a family history

Our philosophy

The Creaciones Luminosas SL - Electromiño group founded by Ramón Pereira is a story of work, effort, perseverance and innovation in its second generation, combining the past, present and future of a Galician family. 42 years illuminating town halls, festivities, Christmas, carnival, fairs, parties, events, indoor and outdoor shopping centers, streets, shopping avenues, facades and multiple diverse facilities and all kinds of festivities. The main cities and town halls entrust us with their facilities lighting for your parties and events. Our extensive experience and trajectory allows us to provide products of high quality, seriousness, guaranteeing the best price and performance ratio for Town Halls, Institutions, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Party Commissions and Companies. With the new products, we offer maximum compliance with current regulations, respecting the environment and guaranteeing a notable reduction in electricity consumption given the low energy consumption of the material exclusively designed and manufactured by Electromiño.

Ramón Pereira - Founder of Electromiño - Managing Director

100% Satisfation we inspire joy and celebration

We are a great team that is in continuous training, we have a staff of manufacturing, assembly, installation, and creative professionals who bet every day on the most innovative designs for artistic and decorative lighting for Christmas, carnival, parties, fairs and events. . All our facilities are equipped with all the human and technical resources for the development, manufacture and installation of all types of decorative lighting. We design and manufacture our own motifs in our facilities located in the south of the province of Pontevedra in the town of Tui (Guillarei) and in the Polígono Industrial de O Porriño, using materials complying with all current regulations in terms of safety, quality, giving a comprehensive service, with specialized technicians. We renew our designs year after year, fusing the most modern technologies, materials in lighting and color motifs. We direct, manage and execute the lighting and sound projects of the main municipalities in Spain and Portugal.

Quality, seriousness and excellence in all our work and services.

We offer high quality products and services both in manufacturing, assembly, design, technology and always at the forefront of the latest in artistic and decorative lighting. Original, attractive and innovative designs that satisfy the needs of our clients, both in tastes, preferences and low consumption, as well as lighting manufactured and customized to the client's taste. We study your project for lighting decoration for the different festivals of your town at Christmas, carnival, events, festivities, etc. Custom manufacturing of artistic and decorative lighting upon request. We manufacture that design or idea that you have in mind to suit you. Our additional services include: sound equipment, public address system for streets or venues, production, image for the projection of videos on LED screens, as well as the rental of generator sets, (generators) assembly of power lines to transport energy for concerts and events.

Decorative illumination for Christmas follow us


Light awakens emotions, generates sensations and captures thousands of memories that accompany us throughout life. But that energy that transmits all those positive feelings through the decorations in artistic lighting when we go
walking through the streets, avenues of cities and towns at different times of the year that dress up for a party under the different types of decorative lighting, whether in carnival, at town festivals and fairs or under magic has origins that according to historians
we would have to go back to the Celts. The Druids were responsible for transmitting and practicing the mythological and religious traditions of the Celtic peoples, according to history they venerated evergreen trees as symbols of the universe, said trees
They were decorated with images to wish that next year would come true, it was a very important ritual that they performed on the winter solstice. Hence, we owe many of the images of Christmas trees today to them.

After the first brushstrokes that are supposed to be the signs, we go ahead one centuries in time and between legends and stories like in 1419 where a bakery decorated a tree with cookies and nuts in Freiburg (Germany) other European cities were awarded the invention, but to science true is not proven,
but there is evidence that the Strasbourg Cathedral exhibited a Christmas tree in 1539. And although throughout the different decades of the different centuries we have found countless stories related to the first signs, as early as the 18th century The Christmas tree begins to be adopted in the German wealthy class.

Edward H. Johnson partner of the inventor Thomas Edison was the creator of the first Christmas tree in 1882, he came up with the idea of ??wiring incandescent light bulbs, he warned the press, but they ignored him because they saw it as a publicity stunt and curiously a A reporter for a Detroit newspaper made it public, and the success of the public who came to see it was so great that we could call the beginning of artistic and decorative lighting. The artistic and decorative lighting up to the present time has evolved in such a way that the introduction of different types of materials, new elements, technologies together with marketing are a great attraction for the public that envelops it in a special magic through lights. the lighting. Since the birth of Electromiño on April 10, 1979 until today we have been growing and adapting to new trends and customer demand. We could define the three main groups of decorative lighting in Christmas lighting, decorative lighting for carnivals and artistic lighting for parties and in turn each of them is derived in different lighting groups.

Christmas Lights 2021-2022

The Christmas decoration trends for the 2021-2022 campaign are mixed with the traditional and with the new synchronized rgb led lighting systems if we add to that the fusion of two tones of gold and white, they make it a Christmas with a special shine . But you have to take into account something that is very important. The customs of each autonomous community with the traditions of each of its towns are very different and must be adapted. Although in the warmer areas the fusion is in red and green tones, in the northern areas it is the gold, cold white and blue tones.

Spain's largest Christmas ball


The RGB Led lighting system is the composition of thousands of colors under the three primary colors that are (red, green and blue) hence we create hundreds of colors, and in turn we create moving scenes that are a true show lighting spectacle. With this new system we create designs adapted to different Christmas elements such as the Christmas tree, arches and luminous motifs for decorations on streets, avenues or any other element. The design of the images is a show that we compose according to the needs of our clients, creating choreographies of the different elements with or without interacting music. At Electromiño we create synchronized lighting shows in sequenced RGB LEDs.


Spectacular Christmas trees one of the symbols of these special dates to decorate urban spaces in avenues streets in any space in towns and cities. At Electromiño we manufacture Christmas trees of different sizes from three meters to fifty-five or special sizes, as well as designs and lighting systems adapted to your tastes and needs such as: LED Flash, LED, Polychrometry (methacrylate) with engravings, synchronized RGB with lighting effects, music show and effects. We have different models and sizes in stock. You can request without obligation the request of your personalized Christmas tree. How would you like your Christmas tree to be? How big do you need it? We study your idea and we will give you the best solution, designing your proposal. We manufacture from our facilities in the south of Galicia in the province of Pontevedra for any part of the world.


The Led NEÓN FLEX lighting system is one of the latest trends in the market for decorative, artistic and ornamental Christmas lighting. This type of lighting emits a very bright and uniform light that is reminiscent of the famous and traditional neon gas tubes widely used in illuminated signs in businesses. The striking and spectacular figures that we at Electromiño manufacture for Christmas are ideal for decorating streets, avenues both in outdoor and indoor venues. The different types of figures in Led NEON FLEX will give a very special shine to the decorative spaces in Christmas lighting.


The wide range of Christmas lights, luminous motifs, Christmas figures, that we have at Electromiño, adapts to the best decorative and artistic Christmas lighting both for exteriors and interiors since 1979 we manufacture and assemble the decoration of the Christmas lighting we adapt it to our clients from the south of Galicia, as well as the design of the environment respecting the interaction to turn the environment into a very special Christmas. The garlands are of high quality very bright in different tones, colors and interconnect them for the decoration of urban spaces, environments, building facades, bridges and all those ideas you can imagine. Some of the models of the led garland strips are: icicle, waterfall, curtains, nets, stalactites, drip lights where decorating a Christmas environment will be unique and different.
Electromiño manufacturing and assemblies Artistic and decorative lighting
Fabricación de luces de navidad en Electromiño


The manufacturing process of artistic and decorative lighting goes through different phases that from the idea to the final process lasts several weeks until the design becomes a reality.

After making the sketch, the materials that will be used to create the structure where the different types of lights, materials and connections will be anchored are classified. In our workshop, the operators cut large aluminum or galvanized iron bars, bend or shape them to obtain the different pieces that, after being placed on the welding table, will create the first piece that later passes to its final profiling.

After making the sketch, the materials that will be used to create the structure where the different types of lights, materials and connections will be anchored are classified. In our workshop, the operators cut large aluminum or galvanized iron bars, bend or shape them to obtain the different pieces that, after being placed on the welding table, will create the first piece that later passes to its final profiling.

Assembly and disassembly of decorative lighting

Assemblies and disassemblies

At Electromiño we carry out the assemblies and disassemblies of our products with our own highly trained and qualified personnel, complying with all current installation and safety regulations.

Decorative lighting assemblies have their own characteristics and complexity, for which we use different techniques, anchoring systems, energy transport and extensive logistics. Each assembly team is configured depending on the complexity of the installation, fully equipped with their fastening and safety equipment, they carry out the assembly under the supervision of the assembly director.

The supply and installation of the ornamental lighting of the cities that we carry out brings together a series of technical and aesthetic characteristics of the motifs that we are going to install.


Electromiño the Galician company where we manufacture Christmas decorative lights


Manufacturing, renting, selling and assembling

Artistic, decorative and ornamental Christmas lighting. We are specialists in manufacturing illuminated motifs from Galicia to anywhere in the world.

Outdoor Christmas decoration

Avenues, squares, streets, shopping centres, street parties, social events, fairs, Christmas and Carnival are covered with our most innovative designs of decorative illumination. Great assemblies.

Christmas Trees

In Electromiño we are Christmas tree manufacturers of several sizes. From 12 m, 15m, 21m, 31m 40m and many more, with different illumination systems to customer satisfaction.

Customised solutions

We advise you to turn your city, company, shopping centre or town into a magic Christmas atmosphere. We make your idea come true.

Personalised and special designs

Great Christmas decoration designs for outdoors. We adapt to your needs and the manufacturing is personalized and high-quality.

Christmas lights installation

We analyze each one of the projects for Christmas lights installation, from you city or company, being very rigorous according to current safety regulations.


Christmas tree 20 meters gold LED

Christmas tree

Christmas tree 20 meters gold LED

3D LED Photopic Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

3D LED Photopic Christmas Tree

Giant Christmas tree in Vigo

Christmas tree

Christmas tree 31 meters blue with doors

Giant Christmas tree Vigo

Christmas tree

Christmas tree 31 meters in Vigo RGB LED

Giant Christmas ball in Sanxenxo, Galicia

Christmas Decorative Figures

Spain's largest Christmas ball

Photocall Family Reindeer

Christmas Decorative Figures

Photocall Family Reindeer

American Oak 5 mts LED

Christmas Decorative Figures

American Oak 5 mts LED

Gift Box 5 meters

Christmas Decorative Figures

Gift Box 5 meters

side decoration christmas city

Christmas sides

Christmas decoration Salvaterra de Miño, Galicia, Spain

Decorative sides Marin, Galicia, Spain

Christmas sides

Decorative side christmas ball

Sides christmas city

Christmas sides

Decorative christmas in city avenue

Decoration in city center

Christmas sides

Decorative Christmas in the city center

3D balls Luminous motif

Luminous Christmas motifs

3D ball luminous motif in LED different sizes and colors.

Side luminous motif

Luminous Christmas motifs

Sides of lampposts luminous Christmas motifs with stars and LEDs.

LED Snowflake

Luminous Christmas motifs

Luminous motif in the shape of a snowflake in different LED sizes.

Luminous Christmas motifs

Luminous Christmas motifs

Snowflake and LED lamp with decorative Christmas lights.

We are manufacturers of Christmas lighting from Galicia to the world on request

Christmas Catalogs

The new catalogs of Christmas lights 2021 are now available. If you want to request a visit from Electromiño, you just have to call us and one of our sales representatives will contact you. Thank you for your trust
Catálogo navidad figuras de suelo
Catálogo navidad figuras de techo, guirnaldas
Catálogo navidad motivos luminosos


Electromiño Logistics

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Crane Truck + Road Train

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Information & Contact
Rúa Foxo 20 Bajo (36700) Tui, Pontevedra, España
+34 986 602 114

Electromiño Headquarters


Rúa Foxo, nº 20 Bajo. (36700) Tui Pontevedra Spain

Electromiño manufacturing ship in Guillarei Tui

Electromiño Warehouse Tui

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